About Employchain

"Imagine a world without discrimination in which everyones talent is valued and aknowledged
regardless of age, gender, nationality or culture".

Our Technology

We use a modern code base in React Native powered by AWS. Our uniquely designed Skill taxonomy was build according to ESCO. Our intelligent algorithm is developed in cooperation with Jönköpings Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (JAIL). A skill validation powered by a blockchain is in planning.


Our Values

Transparency Our data architecture provides clarity and simplicty for both candidates and corporations.

Equality Our technologies treat everyone fair. Every occupation is considered and included.

Sustainability We reduce time and money in the hiring process and create job matches that last.


Our Vision

A sustainable labor market for the future

Our vision is to build a global data driven labor market, free from discrimination and false economic incentives, easy accessible from everyones smartphone and integrity provided through a blockchain.


Our Leadership Team

Our multicultural team operates in Sweden. We are living our values and our vision.

Our Journey since 2018